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Miller Single Trigger Conversion (Side by Side Shotguns)

New Installation

*Installation of new triggers available only for Parker, Fox, Ithaca NID and L.C. Smith side by side guns at this time.  We may install our triggers in other makes/models but each non-standard installation will be evaluated on a case by case basis.  Please call or email with inquiries.

* All new trigger installations will be based on the October 9, 1962 Patent #3,057,101, utilizing a trigger mounted selector for selective versions.

Parker/Fox/NID............Non-Selective - $1250, Selective - $1600

L.C. Smith....................Non-Selective - $1450, Selective - $1800

Repair Services

All service work on existing triggers will be priced per job, depending on the nature of work required.  Please feel free to call or email for initial evaluation.